Landscape Art Creator Emily Walker

Landscape art creator Emily Walker in a professional photo smiling with the frame around her head showing her beautiful eyes

Hello everyone! Thank you for coming to my website. It has been a long time coming getting my landscape art online. I’m excited about this new adventure in life. I was blessed to be able to grow up in the valleys of northern Utah. There, I was able to explore on the farmlands and let my imagination of nature and animals grow.

Then, I was able to attend Utah State University where I earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts. I had an emphasis in drawing and painting with a minor in art history. I also showcased my landscape art at the Block Film and Art Festival. My professors there really pushed me to explore new opportunities and mediums, which helped fuel my passion for art even more.  While attending, I was given the opportunity to be featured in the Herald Journal of Cache County for my paintings. Thankfully, I didn’t stop there.

My Life After College

After college, I had the wonderful opportunity to work for a major yearbook printing company that helped high schools and colleges. Not only did this fall in line with my passion for art, but was able to learn how to use digital art tools like Photoshop and Illustrator. I was able to fly around the country and talk to different amazing people. I helped them achieve their vision of unique and beautiful yearbook covers. That included embossing, silkscreens, lithos, and more.  While I was traveling, I also toured many art museums and local art shows. I was able to see the unique art styles and beautiful work all around the country. While working there, I also was given the opportunity to work as a curator and associate director/community outreach for the Little Bloomsbury Foundation. In addition, I was a curator for the Cache County Art Show.

The Method To My Artistic Madness

The basic themes for my work are surreal landscape art. They’re composed of patterns and textures that carry feelings of freedom released from the restraints of reality. The images I see in my dreams are a line, shape, color, image, and a landscape that are often my source of inspiration. Feelings of awe and insignificance are vital in the compositions. They are things that are uncontrollable, like what I dream. These feelings are portrayed in with intricate tree roots, detailed mountain crevices, impossible placement of objects within the scape. 

Once the images are formed, I layer washes of Indian inks and acrylic paints. This creates a colorful and rich background. Graphite is then used to draw the outline on the surface. More layers of acrylic, oil, silver leaf, foil, and collage are added to complete the piece.  The ideas I explore are scenes that could be found in life. However, they are skewed with elements that would make them impossible outside of dreams or imagination. There is a release from the standard expectations of beauty and the reality of the scenes. My pieces embrace the fantastical in our waking reality, and realize the beauty that is found in unexpected ways.

Even if you don’t decide to purchase any of my patternspaintings, or drawings, I hope you feel inspired. I hope my work helps you to either be your own artist or bring just a little extra happiness into your life. I just love to make the world a more beautiful, brighter, and happier place where we can all be inspired and feel our worth.