Patterns To Use

Patterns And Why I Create Them

Patterns are a fun way to make a small space pop. They can range from something traditional to Avant Gard. I like to create patterns because they are therapeutic and they make me happy. Sometimes, it’s easy for me to just sit and look at them and think about how some things appear to continue on forever.

For pattern creation, usually, I hand draw a small element that looks great on its own. Once I’m satisfied with how it looks, I scan it into my computer. Using photoshop, I digitize the image so that it can be manipulated like a template. Part of my process is to play around with the image until seeing it arranged over and over both makes sense and looks pleasing.

Where These Arrangements Are Found

Patterns are everywhere we look around. When I look at the bark of a tree, the arrangement and repetition inspire me. This is true in nature when I look at the petals of a sunflower, the design of a spider web, and the mold for the building of nature. Repetitious markings take a plain subject matter and make it pop, much like accent walls in homes.

The nice thing about patterns is that I can apply them to anything to give the item that extra spark. A lot of couches have pillows that have patterns. Big stores will sell many cloth items with patterns on them which increases the value of that object. One easy example that I can point out is Christmas wrapping paper. It is a repeat of a basic image or set of images printed over and over again. Other easy examples are quilts/blankets, yoga mats, the weave of baskets, and the plates and cups that a lot of us use when we eat at home.

These Templates Can Be Customized

Please let me know if there is a specific pattern that you are looking for and, chances are, I can create it just for you. Meanwhile, please look at my other creations including my paintings, drawings, and other art tips in my blog.