Paintings Are All Different

Paintings come in many shapes and sizes. This is why I like to complete my artwork in so many different ways. I never like to use the same size for each one nor the same surface. In addition, I like to change up my technique in which the art medium is applied by the art tool. The collection above are the works that I have completed. Also, I have many more works of art being created right now because of the many art variables I am using. I will group my art into different series as time goes on. When you subscribe to my newsletter, you’ll be able to get a glimpse as to what is in the works. Next, how I create my artwork.



How The Art Comes To Life

Paintings that I complete do take quite a bit of time and thought. Sometimes I paint the background on a canvas and sketch the objects that are the subject of my artwork on there. Other times I just look at a picture or a depiction of something in nature then let the brush strokes take over. One wonderful way for an abstract landscape to come to fruition is to not only have an idea in mind but to let the composition tell me what needs to be painted. Here is how to get more information about my pieces below.

Artwork Is All About Escaping

My paintings are mostly done with acrylic paint and on cloth canvas. You can find more details on each of the individual paintings if you click on them. The details include the dimensions and prices. I paint with a sense of whimsy to allow you to be taken to a happier place. When you look at my art, my goal is to transport you to a world of abstract beauty, wonder, and to inspire you to see their inner beauty.

Please check out my other pages that showcase my drawings, patterns, and some graphic design projects. I will also be writing tips and ideas on how you can start to paint, the basics of art, projects for moms and their young kids, and an overview of the history of art.